sketching urban landscapes

karama . 2011

with march coming to a close, it's time to focus on new projects. i'd like to create a series of sketches/illustrations based on architectural landscapes & communities around the city. it's amazing how each area in dubai has it's own characteristics & visual aesthetics defining what type of area it is & the communities that live there. i started mapping out the area of karama through a series of photographs a year ago (view previous post krossbreed photography) & finally came up with this illustration shown above. it's taken me awhile to create an illustration based on the findings. but i'm quite happy with the final result & am motivated to go around town to explore & document new areas & have a series of architectural illustrations around dubai. from the new glizty high rise communities, to the run-down areas long forgotten, i'd like to have a series of illustrations representing each of these iconic areas that make up the city as a whole. & who knows; maybe these illustrations will find their way on future krossbreed products...