the good ghaf

the good ghaf 1 . 2012

the good ghaf 2 . 2012

the good ghaf 3 . 2012

the good ghaf 4 . 2012

here's another series of illustrations i worked on for a soon to be released publication honoring children's fables & stories from around the world. my previous drawings for the assigned story 'the boy who cried wolf' will unfortunately not be published, which is why i was approached to create new drawings for the emirati story titled 'the good ghaf'.
in short, the story is about a young shepherd girl called mariam who notices her dog baroot runs off in search of a sheep that's lost it's way. when following baroot, mariam gets lost in the desert wilderness away from her village, and hides under a ghaf tree from protection against the bad weather. eventually mariam finds the missing sheep, and runs back to her village, fearing a wild desert wolf might attack her along the way. once home, mariam is safe with her family and grandmother, who tells her stories about the good ghaf tree and how it is both 'a comfort and shelter for both man & beast'.
the visual interpretation of the story is very similar to my previous attempt mentioned earlier, focusing on the characters without literally interpreting the written text. i'm really looking forward to seeing these published in final book form to share with the rest of the world. i guess everything happens for a reason, & i'm happy to say i now have two solid works of illustrations for children's publications to add to my constantly expanding portfolio.