big city trails

big city trails cover . 2016

big city trails pgs 4-5 . 2016

big city trails pgs 12-13 . 2016

big city trails pgs 20-21 . 2016

big city trails pgs 22-23 . 2016

'big city trails' is a project i hold dear to my heart. it started off as a conversation with a couple of backers wanting to create a children's activity book about the city of dubai. i was stoked with the idea of working on another activity book after 'never forget', and this time working on pushing children (and adults) to use their observational skills while exploring the city, looking beyond what they're familiar with and finding new areas to explore.
'big city trails' is about any big city, which is why i purposely don't refer to dubai in the publication. any child in any big city can relate to the book. the publication is filled with fun activities including colouring, observational and freehand drawing styles, finding alphabets and faces around the city, pattern making, finding shapes and listening to sounds around the city. what's also great about 'big city trails' is that its in english and arabic.
unfortunately the book was never officially published due to backers pulling out. but i did independently publish a short print run of 'big city trails'. so if anyone's interested in getting their hands on a few copies, email me and i'll sort you out. 'big city trails' is 22 x 28 cm, 28 pages (excluding cover), priced at aed 50.
to end this post, i'd like to dedicate this book to the city of dubai. thank you for all the adventures...

big city trails . 2016

big city trails spread (pgs 6-7) . 2016