we met on the dance floor

'we met on the dance floor' by khalid mezaina & azim al ghussein . 2016

people who know me know my love for dancehall and afrobeat music. over the years, my thursday evenings have been occupied exploring dubai's many african clubs and dancehall nights. to me, the music genre is so lively, colourful and euphoric. i personally lose control on the dance floor when the music comes on! i have made new friends along the way, connecting with our love for the music and dancing the night away.
i've always wanted to share this story, especially now with a couple of dancehall and african clubs closing down, and friends i've met moving away. i collaborated yet again with my super talented friend azim al ghussein on a mini-comic titled 'we met on the dance floor'. story and pencils were done by yours truly, while inks and letters were done by azim. the end product is something we're both very proud of.
i'll keep this post short, and let you read the comic above. hope you enjoy it. if anyone's interested in owning a physical copy, i've printed a limited quantity, 14.8 x 21 cm (a5), priced at aed 20. get in touch and i'll hook you up.
i'd like to dedicate this mini comic to all the dancehall nights and african clubs in dubai, the djs and bands, my friends, and everyone i've met on the dance floor.

'we met on the dance floor' mini comic . 2016