drag queen realness

rupaul . 2016

bianca del rio . 2016

bob the drag queen . 2016

katya zamolodchikova . 2016

latrice royale . 2016

willam belli . 2016

here's a fun post for the weekend! i've recently been commissioned to illustrate a few drag queens from one of my favourite reality tv shows, rupaul's drag race.
apart from illustrating queens for the commission, i took the opportunity to work on a few of my favourite as well. above you can see the queen of all queens, rupaul, as well as my two favourites bianca del rio and bob the drag queen. the commissioned queens were katya zamolodchikova, latrice royale and willam belli. 
i hope drag race fans (and others) enjoy these portraits. might do some more queens in the near future.