hoof & fin

'hoof' character study . 2016

'fin' character study . 2016

'hoof & fin' panel sketches . 2016

'hoof & fin' inked panels . 2016

'hoof & fin' final . 2016

the last few weeks have been quite busy, with me offering workshops around town, and participating in a couple myself. one of these was a comic book making workshop, part of goethe-institut gulf region and the uae board on books for young people (uaebby) collaborative project titled 'books-made in uae'. the workshop was led by german manga artist inga steinmetz.
during the 5 day workshop, participants were taught the basics of drawing facial features and expressions, anatomy and proportions, storytelling and narrative. we also learnt how to create our own characters and communicate stories in four panels. the theme for each of our stories was about friendship.
for my four panel mini-comic, i created a story titled 'hoof & fin', which is about 2 characters from separate worlds but are the best of friends. i won't explain the story as you have the opportunity to read it above. but i absolutely fell in love with hoof and fin and definitely want to develop these characters and their stories further, to create a more mature comic. so stay tuned...
thank you inga for a fun workshop. even though i'm a huge comic book fan, i've never gotten around to creating one of my own, so this was a great opportunity to start. i'm definitely keen on making a few more comics before the year ends so i hope to do so. also, thank you bettina from the goethe-institut gulf region, eman from uaebby, the al jalila cultural center for children for hosting us, and all the participants in the workshop for a great 5 days.